Our take-out restaurant is family-focused where we serve national Ukrainian food in a welcoming environment by our friendly staff. 

In 2000 having moved to Canada we wanted to bring Ukrainian culture and national traditions to our Canadian community. We had a strong wish to create a place where home-cooked meals will make any client feel like dining at home. Being inspired by other cultures and cuisines, we thought about adding some "magic" of a homemade dish to the food market. 

In 2016 Kozak Food was born to show our cooking passion, to share our authentic spirit and send our customers taste buds on a journey to the world of Ukrainian cuisine..




.. the sense of tasty food will always be about people and around people. It is about the social environment, lifetime routine, making happy and keeping heritage. Neither about primary needs nor a part of fashion..

"We love what we do and we do what we love"

Easter preparations